Aerospace Company Uses RFID to Track Handsets for Safety Purpose


An aerospace company has piloted an RFID solution which uses GuardRFID’s active label, a 6-millimeter-thick, battery-powered 433 MHz tag small enough for monitoring individuals and assets in real-time location system (RTLS) applications.

Since the work performed at that facility was highly sensitive, staff members or contractors entering specific areas were required to leave their mobile phones in a locker or other location outside the secured area.

To solve this problem, GuardRIFD developed a new tag which comes with a battery, a motion sensor and a temperature sensor and is small enough to be affixed to the back of a cell phone. The built-in motion sensor enables the tag to be read more frequently when the object to which it is attached is moving, but less often when stationary, thereby extending the battery life.

If an individual forgot to remove a phone from his or her pocket upon entering through the door, the exciter awakened the phone’s tag, which began transmitting its ID number. The reader received that ID and forwarded it to the software, which not only stored that event data but also triggered an alarm to be sounded by the doorway’s audio device, thereby reminding the individual to remove his or her phone and store it outside the secured area.