1 min Check-in with RFID ID Card

A few years ago, I used the self check-in service at London’s Heathrow airport for the first time, which launched by British Airways. I just walk up to an open kiosk and insert my credit card (or enter the flight code), then I can choose my favorite seat and printing the boarding pass for very short time.

Now, if you are a Chinese citizen and has a second-generation Chinese resident identity card (built-in RFID chips), then travel in China will be very convenient.

At the Chinese domestic airport, the self-check in kiosk just like a big RFID reader, passengers only need to scan their second-generation resident ID card at the kiosk, their flight information will automatically appear from computer screen, then after few simple steps, the entire self check-in process can be completed about just 1min.

The uses of RFID self check-in kiosk significantly reduce the number of passengers in front of the check-in counters, not only saved passengers’ time, but also reduce the cost of airlines. At Shenzhen airport (near Hong Kong), the number of RFID self check-in kiosk has increased from 22 to 60, and the airport is plan for more RFID kiosks use at airport’ pier waiting terminal, also use at the bus link between city center and airport.