Major Latin American Horticultural Supplier Adopts RFID

Brazil-Veiling-Holambra-RFID-blogCooperativa Veiling Holambra (CVH), a Brazilian cooperative considered one of Latin America’s most important producers of flowers and ornamental plants, has decided to adopt RFID technology to monitor the movements and distribution of its products. The company expects to reduce costs, increase stock-control accuracy, increase efficiency and maximize gains.

The company is tagging more than one million carts, baskets and vases. “For this, we will use EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID tags, monitored and controlled by fixed readers and mobile portals for all logistics processes of CVH,” explains Francisco Roberto Pereira, the cooperative’s logistics coordinator, “with emphasis on the processes of MCs(circulating materials)’ expedition to suppliers, receiving materials from suppliers, dispatching MCs for customers and returning customers’ MCs.”

With this investment in RFID, Pereira says, Veiling Holambra expects to increase process reliability, reduce costs, eliminate the manual entering of inputs and outputs, prevent fraud, facilitate inventory counts of MCs and increase operational efficiency.