How to Use NFC with a Windows Phone 8 Device


Samsung has long showed off its NFC functionality—with just a tap of two phones, users can share a whole lot of contents on their handset. Windows Phone 8 devices also include NFC functionality and it is easy to use. Here is how to use NFC with Windows Phone 8.

First, to enable NFC, you have to go to Settings > tap+send and change the switch into “On”. Now you’re ready to use the three basic functions of NFC to share, launch and pay.


By touching two phones together, you can send photos, websites, videos, songs and other contents. Hold your phone back-to-back with another device. Make sure the receiving device’s screen is on. Open up the item you want to send, tap the (···) more button and tap share, then select tap+send from the list. The receiving phone will get a notification, tap accept and the item will send.

NFC is not just limited to working with Windows Phone devices. It actually works with Android devices as well, but you can only send websites and contacts.


NFC also enables you to launch things, which means opening certain apps, sharing to social networks, starting a phone call, etc. NFC tags and NFC apps are essential in order to do this. Among the best apps are NFC Interactor, NFC Launchit, and Nokia NFC Writer. With these apps you can create actions to be performed when you tap your phone to an NFC tag.


Another feature of NFC is the ability to make purchases with your phone. The idea is that you can enter your credit card into your phone and then tap your phone to a scanner at checkout to make a payment. Unfortunately not many devices support this feature yet. Here’s how to check to see if yours does.

Open Wallet and tap (···) to bring up Settings+PIN, if you don’t see an option to turn on NFC transactions you don’t have the feature. All you will be able to do is add credit cards for buying apps, and view local deals.

NFC is a cool feature that can be very useful if you know how to use it.