RFID Provides Accurate Number about Engagement

Pri-Med-West-conference-RFID-blogNumbers can tell a lot. Pri-Med is a medical education company that provides CME to approximately 250,000 primary-care physicians. Steve Varraso, vice president for operations at the company, hopes that numbers can tell the most accurate story possible about how attendees engage with content at Pri-Med West, one of the company’s largest conferences.

At the conference, Pri-Med organizes demonstration areas and presentation theaters around specific topics on the show floor—so it is important to the company, as well as to exhibitors, Varraso said, to determine what kinds of content engage attendees.

Last year, Varraso began offering attendees badges embedded with RFID tags. Exhibit hall and educational sessions were equipped with RFID readers to detect when tags were present and collect minute-by-minute information about where attendees were on the floor and who they were.

The data revealed precisely how many of the attendees visited the show floor (82%), how long they stayed (an average of 2 hours), and whether they came back (more than 3/4 visited more than once, and 1/3 came all 3 days).

With RFID, Pri-Med was able to give exhibitors a clear picture of where attendees congregated in the demonstration areas and presentation theaters, and whether exhibitors were attracting their target audience.

Data of 2012 showed a significant drop-off in show attendance after 2:30p.m., thus Pri-Med adjusted exhibition hours this year. The data also allowed the company to advice exhibitors about how they could best staff their booths for 2013.