Micropross Digital Test Tool Approved by NFC Forum

Micropross is a leading supplier of test equipment for the smartcard, RFID and NFC industry. Recently, NFC Forum has approved its NFC Forum digital test tool.

The Micropross NFC Forum digital test tool implements all test cases and sub-cases defined by the NFC Forum and allows NFC device manufactures, as well as chip manufactures, to verify the compliance of their products with the NFC Forum specification requirements. Besides, this tool is also deployed at NFC Forum authorized certification testing labs, making it possible to perform pre-certification testing of products before submitting them for official certification testing.

“Micropross has always supported the NFC technology by designing innovative test solutions, such as protocol analyzers and conformance platforms. I am delighted by the successful validation of our NFC Forum digital tool, which demonstrates the quality of our solution.” said Philippe Bacle, president of Micropross.