NFC module into personal computer

RFID-BLOG-NFC-LENOVOChinese computer maker Lenovo started selling NFC module embedded ThinkPad laptop a few months ago. The NFC functionality come as an optional extra to buyers of lenovo’T410, T510 and W510 ThinkPad laptops.

The NFC NFC module (TN33MUE002L) was jointly developed by NXP Semiconductors and Toppan Form. As the first global release of the NFC read / write module for laptop, TN33MUE002L use the highly integrated NXP PN533 NFC chip, which built-in micro-controller and support for 13.56MHz contactless communication. TN33MUE002L is compatible with the mainstream of contactless smart cards in market, such as MIFARE and FeliCa. It also compatible with a variety of open standards protocols (ISO 14443 A Class and B), these protocols are widely used in the current global banking, government and public service .

Although you currently can not find any NFC extra option from Lenovo official Web site, but according to media reports, Lenovo has sold 1,000 units embedded RFID modules ThinkPad already. However, NFC module used in personal computers is significant and will drive the NFC technology into a brilliant future, to attract a broader consumer groups.