Nokia NFC-powered “Treasure Tag” Helps You Find Lost Items


Nokia is ready to release its “Treasure Tag”, a proximity sensor accessory for Lumia handsets that uses a combination of NFC and Bluetooth to track lost items, reports The Verge.

The tags will use Bluetooth 4.0, after establishing a connection using NFC and will allow you to attach a loop mechanism to a set of keys, for example, so that you can see where they were left.

There is also an accompanying app showing the location of the Treasure Tag on a map using Bluetooth. Simply boot up the app, look at the map or through your phone’s display, and Nokia will tell you where your keys are.

Treasure Tags will have around six months of battery life and come with a strap, designed to enable the device to be attached to a bunch of keys.

Nokia has been adding plenty of applications to Windows Phone in order to make the platform more desirable, and this is the next step. The Verge didn’t say when it will roll out, or how much the tags will cost, though NFC is a relatively cheap medium so they should be rather affordable.