French Vintner Le Pin Deploys NFC for Authentication

The French vintner Le Pin has been looking for ways to combat fraud and counterfeiting of its wine, which, the vintner says is not only expensive but difficult to prosecute. In 2012, it looked into technologies that included QR codes and holograms, etc., but found that all of these solutions could be copied using digital, laser or industrial printers.

Now the company is using anti-counterfeiting identification technology company Selinko’s NFC solution which consists of a HF 13.56 MHz NFC-compliant RFID tag built into a wine bottle’s label, an application for an NFC-enabled phone to capture that label’s ID number, and a server to manage the collected data.

With this technology, Le Pin’s owners can ensure that every bottle’s label is authentic, and confirm that a particular product is in a consumer’s hands.

For Le Pin, the advantage that the NFC solution offered was its inability to be copied, says Gwennaëlle Festraets, a partner at Selinko, since each chip contains an encrypted, tamperproof digital certificate. “The entire communication is encrypted and is impossible to reproduce, even by ourselves,” she says.