NFC Ring Lets You Unlock Your Door with Your Finger

Would you like to buy a ring with NFC chips in it? Well, now it’s a possibility. British-based company McLear has developed a ring embedded with NFC chips.

The ring comes with two NFC chips built-in, one on the inside for personal data, such as the code to unlock your phone or perhaps even your house, and the other on the outside for public data. It uses passive NFC, which means no batteries are required. Each inlay can store up to 144 bytes of data, enough to share links to websites or personal data.

NFC-ring-rfid-blog1  NFC-ring-rfid-blog2

The creator, John McLear, has also designed open-source software that can be used to program the ring. For example, by holding the ring near an NFC reader in a mobile phone, you could program the phone’s Web browser to visit a particular Web site. The software is open-source, so developers can utilize it to create their own apps.

The NFC Ring is one of the first real RFID projects funded on Kickstarter and has raised £65,000 ($99,600) on its Kickstarter page — more than double its original goal.