45% of App Developers to Integrate NFC within the Next Year

app-developer-NFC-rfid-blogAlthough Apple excludes NFC in its iPhone 5, companies like BlackBerry and Samsung have supported NFC. 31% of app developers are currently using the technology in their creations, with 45% to do so within 12 months.

In fact, the research from Evans Data shows that developers are more interested in the tapping tech than voice recognition and device pairing.

Popular use cases for NFC are security and access — such as keycards and boarding passes — while social networking and commerce are among other drivers.

Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data, said: “NFC is the next evolutionary step in mobile computing. It‘s clear that it’s going to change the way we perform everyday actions such as opening a locked door, getting on an airplane, or making a purchase at a store.”

“But developers also have plans for the technology that include games, measurements, and connections to appliances, cars or other devices. The extent to which NFC will impact us is only constrained by the imagination of the developers.”