Blazar Speaker Uses NFC for Easy Pairing

Blazar-Bluetooth-speaker-NFC-easy-pairing-rfid-blogAmong many newly announced wireless speakers, Blazar distinguishes itself with a few neat features, including stereo pairing and NFC. It has Bluetooth, a microphone for talking to Siri or people who call you on the phone and 360-degree sound. But what we’re interested in is the NFC and stereo.

More speakers are adding stereo capability. Some have it built-in, but two speakers in one box doesn’t give much separation. The Blazar opts to connect to another speaker, and then each speaker becomes either the left or the right channel. Yes, this means you need two speakers, but perhaps the idea is to get you to buy more.

More interesting is the NFC. Although the details aren’t clear, it will be used for easy pairing. Probably it’ll be used to pair not just the speaker with the source phone, but to pair the speakers themselves.

The Blazar will be on sale soon, for an as yet unannounced price.