GEAK Ring — World’s First NFC Smart Ring


GEAK has announced world’s first smart ring which can store your identity and unlock your phones.

The GEAK ring is a tiny NFC-enabled wearable device which is able to unlock your phone — just hold it with the hand that’s wearing the ring and it’ll unlock without having to type in the password; it’ll stay awake as long as it is held in the same hand. Since the ring has your contact details stored (presumably rewritable), you can also use it to share your contact card with other NFC-enabled devices.

Although now the ring can only be compatible with the GEAK Eye and GEAK Mars phones, it’ll be able to support other devices from the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo starting in November.

GEAK will be taking pre-orders from August 8th, priced at reasonably ¥199 (about $30). Are you interested to buy one?