Malaysia Speed Up Implementation of RFID Vehicle Registration System

Malaysia-e-plat-vehicle-registration-RFID-blogIn order to curb incidences of car theft and other vehicles-related criminal activities, the Royal Malaysian Police is calling on the government and other relevant stakeholders to speed up the implementation of the smart registration number plate system (e-plat).

The system will be using RFID technology, an electronic device that uses radio waves to speed up the transmission of communication data for the purpose of identifying, locating and sensing the conditions of objects.

e-plat will be affixed to metal license plates and serve as an electronic identification card to automatically identify vehicles and to verify whether they are properly registered.

“With the e-plat, we can detect criminals using fake registration numbers and also prevent cars from being stolen,” said Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, adding that the same technology is being used in France and Australia in similar initiatives.

“Using e-plat on all vehicles will help us reduce crime. In addition, data recorded in e-plat will assist police to detect the criminals and location of the car,” he said.