RFID Chips and the Conspiracy Theory

human-implant-chip-RFID-blogHave you ever imagined having a chip implanted under your skin? Are you frightened by this idea or interested in it and would like to have a try?

Radio-frequency identification devices, or RFID chips, are just bigger than a grain of rice, but it can store a vast amount of information. Your pet dog might even have one in case it runs away and somebody needs to identify them. But what use would they be to humans?

The conspiracy behind these chips is that eventually, everyone will be required to have one. Everything from your health records to your money would be tracked on this tiny device.

One benefit is that you could go to a grocery store and gather what you need, then walk straight out the door without dealing with checkout lines. A scanner would detect your chip and charge it without any effort on your part. Another plus could be the freedom from all those pesky credit cards, cash and health records that you have to carry around. Advocates for the chips claim there would be quicker access to medical records, which could potentially save more lives.

But the disadvantages cannot be ignored. Just as fast as you can activate one of these chips, it’s also easy to turn them off. Conspiracy theorists believe if we are implanted with RFID chips and don’t obey the law, then our chips will be turned off and we won’t be able to buy anything or go to the doctor. Speaking of going to the doctor, these devices have also been linked to health concerns such as tumor growth.

In 2004, the FDA approved the use of RFID chips in humans. Several thousands of people worldwide have already been implanted with RFID chips with reasons such as health concerns or just out of pure fear. A Florida family volunteered to be the first to receive them because of fear of their safety and security following 9/11.

In the future, will our world be one where everyone has an RFID chip? Or is it just another crazy conspiracy?