Rumor: Apple’s iPhone 5S Will Come with NFC

Apple-iPhone5S-NFC-rfid-blogMany people were disappointed when iPhone 5 was released without NFC capability, but now there is a rumor saying that NFC tag will be a must-have feature in iPhone 5S.

People want quick settings: they want their Wi-Fi to be on as soon as they reach home; they want to switch off all alerts when they go to bed. With NFC, we believe Apple can make up for all of those, and more.

As we know, NFC tags can be programmed to cause any reaction from the device we want upon being tapped.

Imagine having tags that change certain settings (Wi-Fi, location, Bluetooth, DND), launch certain apps (Maps when you plug your iPhone into your car, alarm when you do the same with your bedside dock) at a tap’s notice.

Also, pre-programmed ones can be placed strategically at various locations. Tapping the Starbucks door can fire up Passbook. The same goes for check-in counters at airports. Food eateries can have their web-pages or apps pop up when you tap their tables.

There are a lot more possibilities out there, but above all, Apple must make it a reality.