Smart Basketball Embedded with Wireless Sensors to Track Athlete’s Performance

smart-basketball-94Fifty-wireless-sensors-rfid-blogMotion sensor solution developer InfoMotion Sports Technologies has recently unveiled a new version of its 94Fifty basketball — a ball fitted with wireless sensors designed to transmit data regarding the ball’s speed, arc, spin and dribble force, as well as an athlete’s performance.

The new 94Fifty ball aims to attract individual users. It is fitted with a small module incorporating a total of nine sensors that measures such properties as the angle and speed of a ball’s movements, as well as a chip that processes that information, a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth transmitter to forward the relevant details to a mobile phone, tablet or other handheld running an Android or Apple operating system.

The phone or tablet then uses the 94Fifty app to enable individuals to view the quality of their performance, compete or compare it with others’ performances using the same technology, set up challenges, and share data with others via social networks.

The company hopes to start shipping the balls with the wireless charger and app in October 2013. The balls will be available for sale online at the company Web site.