Loksak’s RFID-shielding Bags Keep off Unauthorized Read

Loksak-radiation-shielding-bag-RFID-blogGiven that today many smartphones are embedded with RFID/NFC chips which some people may worry about the security problem. One solution is to use Loksak’s products, the aLoksak waterproof clear bag and the Shieldsak radiation-proof shiny one. Both are available in many convenient sizes. Yet unfortunately there is no product that does both.

Making a waterproof ziplock bag is easy, but making it really waterproof, reusable and durable is a bigger challenge. With the aLoksak, you can use electronics through it, at least those with buttons or capacitive touch screens. The other product, Shieldsak, is quite a bit more interesting. This silver velcro bag is a two-layer Faraday cage.

What Loksak does is far from rocket science. They make bags that seal right against liquids or radiation, and that is all they do. You can get a 3-pack of Loksaks starting under $8, and the Shieldsak starts at under $65, both for the smallest sizes. Not rocket science, but very useful to have around, especially with the cost of cell phones and the ubiquity of hidden RFID tags.