RFID Technology Helps Bring Message to Social Media

49M-RFID-blogThe South African power company Eskom has launched an initiative which is named 49M, aiming to inspire and rally all South Africans behind the common goal of saving electricity. The company recently adopted Liquid Lemon’s new and innovative use of RFID and social media to help bring this real-life activation into the world of social media.

The 49M team has been travelling the country, appearing at various popular venues, in an activation campaign designed to educate and encourage South Africans to pledge their commitment towards saving electricity.

Amongst other promotional activities, the 49M team has made use of Liquid Lemon’s unique new RFID-powered photo stations, allowing users to engage and interact with the 49M brand. Users are given RFID-enabled wristbands which they register to their own Facebook profile, and then they simply swipe their wristbands at the various Photo Stations, have their photo taken and it is instantly uploaded to their Facebook page as well as the 49M official Facebook fan page.