PLDS In-car NFC Pairing System Lets You Wirelessly Pair Your Phone

PLDS-in-car-NFC-wireless-pairing-system-rfid-blogWhen you are charging your smartphone in your car, you are perhaps annoyed by the wires. Now PLDS can help you with its NFC-based in-car Bluetooth pairing and charging system.

The system is set in a car’s center console and it would let you wirelessly pair your NFC-enabled smartphone to enable Bluetooth audio sharing and charging.

To start the system, you need to start your car and place your NFC-enabled phone on the NFC charging pad in the center console. A prompt will then appear on your car’s touch screen asking if you want to pair your device. Tap “Yes” and your phone will automatically pair with your car’s telematics system, allowing you to stream audio, sync apps and more.

The system uses the MirrorLink standard, which allows you to manipulate your phone via your car’s touch screen. With that kind of technology, you’d be able to access any and all apps stored on your phone.

Of course, in its final implementation, automakers would limit your phone’s functionality, so you wouldn’t be able to play “Angry Birds” while behind the wheel.