Nokia NFC Writer App Lets Lumia Users Easily Create NFC Tags

Nokia-NFC-Writer-app-Lumia-write-tags-rfid-blogNokia has released a new NFC Writer app, which shows how Windows Phone users can use NFC to simplify the process of creating NFC tags.

The app uses the NFC chip featured in compatible smartphones, like the Lumia 920, and issues commands to NFC tags or stickers that can then be read by most NFC-enabled devices. Creating tags can make it easier to quickly adjust settings, share information with another device or online service, or trigger an action like launching an app or website.

Nokia’s not the first phone maker to create such an app — Samsung did the same with TecTiles and Sony has its Xperia SmartTags — but the new Writer app is a reminder that NFC’s value is beyond mobile payments. More importantly, it easily shows how to create NFC tags on a Lumia device.

1. Acquire NFC tags — NFC tags can be purchased as stickers, wristbands, or even key chains. They are sold online and in carrier stores, so it should be pretty easy to find whatever format is best for your needs.

2. Download the NFC Writer app and then launch it. Select a tag to create, place it at the back of the phone, and you’re done.

One drawback to NFC Writer is that all of the tags are preprogrammed. It can provide a variety of functions, but if you want to create a tag for something that Nokia hasn’t thought up yet, the app will fall short of expectations. It also lacks the ability to create profiles that trigger multiple actions or settings changes, something other NFC apps for Android are capable of accomplishing.