Gema Puts Multi NFC Chips and Built-in Keyboard into a Single Tag


U.S.-based startup Gema Touch has introduced a new NFC tag concept that makes it possible to produce a range of new types of interactive experience.

The new technology involves placing multiple NFC chips on a single tag base that are individually triggered when a consumer places their mobile phone on the base and presses a button.


“Think of it like an NFC keyboard,” says founder and CEO Joanna Rogerson. “Unlike traditional passive NFC tags that are proximity based, since our tags are triggered by the user’s touch, there is no more threat of cross-talk from having multiple NFC tags in close proximity.”

“We are using standard NFC chips but store very little data on the tags themselves. Rather we store more of the information on the web and just use the tags as a trigger,” Rogerson adds. “The tags are passive, so no battery. We have literally just broken the circuit on the antenna and placed ICs down the tag. We have a couple of different designs on the buttons, but you can just think of them as a pressure sensitive area that, when pressed, completes the broken circuit on the antenna.”

Currently, Gema Touch is working with a five chip design but, Rogerson says, “we can increase or decrease that button or IC count no problem”.

Gema Touch’s design has been patented internationally, including design, utility and manufacturing, and an initial short run of fifty tags is now available on a limited edition basis from NFC specialist Flomio. “Everything else will just be sold through us directly,” says Rogerson.