China, Japan and Korea to Get Cross-Border NFC Payments

China-Japan-Korea-international-NFC-payments-rfid-blogMobile network operators in China, Japan and Korea have agreed a set of handset and service requirements that will enable customers to use their NFC phone across borders to make payments, purchase tickets and both collect and redeem coupons. The three carriers are China Mobile, Japanese carrier NTT Docomo and Korean mobile network operator KT.

The three carriers’ specifications are based on international standards set by the GSMA and the NFC Forum and cover handset requirements for device makers and guidance for mobile network operators, service providers and merchants interested in participating in the deployment of NFC service roaming in Asia.

The companies have been exploring opportunities for NFC service roaming since January 2011 and NTT Docomo and KT announced plans to introduce an international payments service in October 2012. The three carriers now plan to share the results of their work with trade associations and standards bodies around the world “to promote the realization of a commercial environment for globally compatible NFC services”.