China Mobile and China UnionPay Completed Integration of NFC TSM Platforms

China-Mobile-China-UnionPay-NFC-TSM-integration-rfid-blogChina Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network operator, and Chinese bank card association China UnionPay have announced that they have completed integration of their NFC trusted service manager (TSM) platforms.

The completion of the work means that Chinese banks can now use China UnionPay’s TSM facility to offer customers the ability to download their bank card over the air to the secure SIM in their China Mobile NFC phone.

The two organizations have been working together on NFC since June 2012, when they signed a partnership deal designed to lead to the commercial deployment of NFC payments in 100 Chinese cities.

China UnionPay also plans to integrate its TSM platform with those of other Chinese mobile network operators and is working with China Mobile to expand the platform beyond payment cards to include transit cards, social security cards, student cards, access cards, mobile tickets and more.