Singapore Maternity Hospital Use RFID to Ensure Mothers and Babies Match Correctly

Singapore-maternity-hospital-ensure-mothers-babies-match-correctly-RFID-blogThe Singapore-based Thomson Medical Centre is using a new RFID tagging system to ensure that the right baby is matched with the right mother at all times during their stay at the hospital.

Once mother and baby arrive in the maternity ward, they are fitted with pre-matched tags.

When the baby is brought to his mother, a green light will flash and a pleasant tune will be played on the mother’s tag if both tags match. If they do not match, a red light will flash instead and a warning beep will alert the mother and ward nurse.

Parents can also press a button on the mother’s tag at any time to check if the baby matches.

Thomson Medical is the first maternity hospital in Singapore with a tagging system that comes with such an ‘on-demand’ feature to allow parents to verify if they have the right baby at any time. The baby’s tag also has a skin-detection feature, where an alert will sound if the tag becomes loose and is likely to fall off.