FitTap App Uses NFC Tags to Quickly Update Your Fitbit Activities

Using an activity tracking system, be it a Fitbit or Jawbone Up, the biggest problem is that you have to enter some information manually, which is often forgotten. For example, if you want to track how much water you drink in a given day, you have to remember to enter it into the Fitbit app.

Now here’s an Android app to help you with that — it’s called FitTap, which combines Fitbit activity logging with NFC.

There are two versions of the app: one is free, but requires you to use NFC tags purchased through the app; the other is a pro version, which allows you to use any compatible NFC tag and costs $1.99.

The creation process is rather simple and requires no professional knowledge: scan the blank tag, confirm that you want to associate it with FitTap, and then assign a task to the tag.

The tags can be designed to log an activity, food, sleep, water or weight. Each category has all of the appropriate fields required when logging the same activity with Fitbit.