Indian RFID Business Develops by Leaps and Bounds

India-RFID-blogIn India, tens of thousands of vehicles head for beaches, hill stations and other resorts located within a radius of 100 to 200km from cities such as Mumbai on weekends. But many of them caught up in long queues near toll plazas such as the Bandra-Worli Sealink, where highway developers collect charges for using the roads.

Last year, the authorities introduced the electronic toll collection system at the Sealink, where motorists can buy RFID tags and affix them to the windscreens, enabling swift access to the bridge. To stop motorists who are without the RFID tags from trying to use these exclusive lanes, the authorities also installed boom barriers, which do not move unless a vehicle is fitted with the tag.

Of course, RFID technology is also being used at retail stores to keep track of products and by logistics firms monitoring the movement of vehicles.

“The RFID business in India is growing tremendously. The government is encouraging the use of this technology both along national highways and even in the mining sector, to track thousands of trucks.” says an RFID provider. “Given today’s tough security environment, I am of the firm belief that RFID as a technology medium shall act as an effective platform to tackle any tracking issues.”