Cashless music festival by RFID wristband

RFID MUSIC FESTIVALThe festival wristband is set to become more than just a piece of souvenir in the UK by next year. Music fans will pay electronically rather than using cash by a RFID wristband and cash top-up systems. Fans can use the wristband to buy everything from food and drink to t-shirts and their favorite CDs. In addition,

Although the investment on infrastructure for such RFID systems will be significant,  the prospect of allowing fans to use wristbands have many benefits. The big advantage of using RFID wristband is to avoid has millions of pounds of cash on festival sites, which can be seen as a security risk. The wristband can also be use like a entry ticket, that function can lead a easy controlling entry to different parts of the festival, such as backstage or VIP areas.

The RFID technology has being used in many industries, but the concept of music fans being able to attend festivals without having to carry cash is new to the music industry. If it did goes well, the potential market will be huge in the hot summer season.