Coffee Bean in Singapore Adds Samsung TecTile NFC Stickers

Singapore-Coffee-Bean-Samsung-TecTile-NFC-stickers-rfid-blogSamsung has reached an agreement with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) to place Samsung-branded NFC stickers in all 51 outlets in Singapore.

Their marketing campaign began on February 8th and will run through March 7th. It will reward Samsung NFC-device users with a larger drink for tapping the NFC stickers. The tap also generates a “Like” for CBTL chain on Facebook.

Samsung’s TecTile stickers are used during the campaign. Reports from Samsung suggest that other NFC-enabled, Mifare-compliant Android devices should be able to interact with the TecTile NFC stickers.

The Singaporean government has been backing the NFC ecosystem in the country, with its national tap-to-pay system launched late last year, after years of throwing money at retail outlets to get them to put in contactless payment terminals. All of this is backed on a national technology standard for contactless payment called Cepas, which was set up in 2009.