Burberry Provides “Smart Personalization” Experience with RFID Chips

Burberry-smart-personalization-chip-RFID-blogThe British top brand Burberry is embedding RFID chips that will unlock bespoke content in order to entice consumers to pre-order bags and coats from its new season, immediately after they are shown at the London Fashion Week show on Monday.

The chips will activate short films to bring the product in question to life, telling the story of its creation, from sketches to runway edits. They will also show video of the customer’s name being engraved on metal nameplates that are stitched into the lining of the coats and bags.

For consumers in London who are able to visit the brand’s digitally integrated Regent Street flagship store, the same RFID chips will prompt the videos to appear on its large-scale mirrors, which turn into screens.

While this “Smart Personalization” concept demonstrates how technology can benefit Burberry shoppers, the brand also has plans to connect with its broader fanbase using social media. On the day after the show, Burberry will invite followers to tweet with the hashtag #madefor, so they can receive personalized images of their own bespoke nameplate, for example.