Texas Waterpark Uses RFID Wristbands to Unlock Hotel Rooms

Schlitterbahn-Waterparks-wristbands-RFID-blogThe Texas-based Schlitterbahn Waterparks has implemented Precision Dynamic Corporation’s Smart Band RFID Wristband system to provide hotel guests keyless entry to their hotel rooms.

With the technology in place, guests can access their hotel rooms with PDC’s wristbands by communicating with the RFID-reading door lock through a pre-programmed RFID chip sealed inside of the band.

Waterproof Smart Band replaces traditional forms of access and identification credentials (including keys, badges, or magnetic stripe door cards) that aren’t as secure or convenient for use at water parks, according to the announcement. Unlike standard access credentials, the Smart Band is non-transferable and uses secure encryption to prevent unauthorized use or counterfeiting.

“Parents can let their kids explore and still control how much they spend on in-park purchases — even when in different areas of the park.” said Robin Barber, VP of leisure and entertainment for Precision Dynamics.