NFC Wireless Wins NFC Competition

NFC-Wireless-Smartrac-rfid-blogSmartrac, a supplier of RFID products, has launched a global partner competition in December 2012. The competition aimed at providing talented developers and innovative newcomers with a platform to showcase their products and solutions to a global audience at the 70,000 attendee strong Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2013. In order to qualify for the competition, the product or solution had to be available commercially.

The Australian participant NFC Wireless was awarded first place due to the ease of use of its app, which allows anyone with an NFC phone to customize NFC tags to perform complex tasks regardless of design or technology skills.

The NFC Wireless “Tagster” NFC packs contain 6 NFC “hotdots” equipped with Smartrac Midas NFC inlays which can be used to carry out useful actions on mobile phones. Users can carry out such tasks as sending a text message, calling a number or opening a URL on their NFC-enabled phone, simply by tapping a hotdot tag. Each Tagster pack also contains an embedded NFC tag that enables users to download Tagster, a free encoding app.

The Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona from February 25 to 28, 2013. Tagster will be showcased at the Smartrac booth.