Nintendo Is Working on NFC Wii U game

Nintendo-NFC-Wii-U-game-controller-rfid-blogNintendo is working on the Wii U GamePad controller that features an NFC chip, making it possible to communicate with other objects and devices with NFC chips. The technology is commonly used in smartphones to exchange small bits of data. While we’ve known about the Wii U NFC technology for a long time, there is still not a single game out there which supports it.

According to Nintendo, the company is now working on a Wii U game with NFC capabilities, and the game is expected to release later this year. A Nintendo spokesperson said that NFC can be used with figures and playing cards, and that the company has something in development.

None of the 50 games, which are set for release during the launch window, support the NFC feature. The first game with the idea was Rayman Legends, which was revealed in an early trailer, but the game will not support NFC when it is released next month.

Nintendo has several Wii U games scheduled for release this year that could possibly see the implementation of NFC. One of those games is Bayonetta 2, another is Wii Fit U. Then there’s always Zelda: The Wind Waker, and party games such as Game & Wario. Or maybe we’ll get something entirely new from Nintendo.