Identive Announces RFID Development Kit for Electronic Games

Identive-GameChnagR-development-kit-rfid-blogIdentive has announced GameChangR, a developers’ solutions kit that enables the creation and integration of RFID technology into electronic games without the need for specialist RFID knowledge. RFID allows physical objects to interact with virtual environments for a richer user experience.

“Identive’s GameChangR development kit leverages Identive’s expertise so developers can easily incorporate RFID into electronic games with the addition of instant, contactless communications and memory capabilities to game pieces.” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, COO Identification Products for Identive Group.

Michael Ganzera, vice president of Marketing for Identive added, “Our new RFID development kit truly is a game changer for developers, because it allows them to create dynamic and interactive gaming experiences using RFID technology, with no prior RFID experience.”

The GameChangR RFID solutions development kit consists of a specially-configured RFID reader, three GameChangR tags and a USB-UART converter. The 13.56MHz, ISO14443A reader exposes a simple-to-use, high-level API that allows developers to interact with the GameChangR RFID tags in a protected manner, and with no knowledge or prior experience working with RFID technology. Both the reader and the pre-initialized GameChangR tags are configured to work only with each other, which ensures integrity of the tag content and protection of the gaming experience in a given ecosystem.

Identive currently is accepting orders for the GameChangR development kit for shipment in February.