French Restaurants Enable Diners to Access Reviews Online via NFC RFID

French-restaurant-NFC-access-reviews-ratings-rfid-blogMore than 1,500 restaurants throughout France have allowed diners to use their mobile phones and RFID stickers to view reviews and write ratings.

The RFID solution, developed by Cityvox and Orange, consists of NFC passive RFID stickers attached at restaurant entrances, as well as software that directs a consumer’s NFC-enabled mobile phone to a website listing content for that specific restaurant, based on the sticker’s ID number. In case a customer’s phone is not equipped with NFC RFID readers, each sticker also comes with a QR code printed on the front that consumers can utilize to access the same information.

The solution also includes NFC-enabled guest receipt folders that waiters and waitresses can provide to guests at the end of their meal, when they pay their check. The folders have a built-in NFC tag that users can read via their phone, in order to access a website at which they can then post reviews of their own meals without leaving the table.

Cityvox operates a network of websites offering local content throughout France, that feature ratings for the most popular restaurants, as well as reviews posted by the public. Last year, the firm opted to try using NFC technology to make it easier for the public to access that information.

For Cityvox, the NFC-based solution’s benefits come not only from sales of the receipt folders, but also from publicity generated by the new technology.