Firearms Distributors Use RFID to Track Guns

firearm-distributors-track-gun-rfid-blogTwo gun distributors — American Tactical Imports (ATI) and AmChar Wholesale — are deploying an RFID solution to help them track when firearms are received, stored and shipped, and to send an alert if a weapon ends up missing.

The solution involves the attachment of EPC Gen 2 RFID tags to guns, and the use of fixed and handheld RFID readers to determine goods’ locations when they are received at the warehouse, as well as when they are shipped to gun shops or other customers. Retailers could also use the readers to track the firearms’ arrival and sale.

The solution is provided by logistics-management software firm AdvanTech. The firearms industry is traditionally low-tech, says Paul Lowe — AdvanTech’s director of technology integration services, and distributors and retailers usually record weapons sales in paper notebooks. “There have been various computerized systems,” he explains, but these require workers to scan a bar code or type information into a system in order to enter data regarding a weapon’s receipt or sale.

Now, ATI’s warehouse staff will read the tags as firearms are received at its dock doors, as well as when the goods are stored within locked cages, removed from those cages and eventually shipped. In this way, ATI can ensure that weapons do not end up missing during the time between their receipt and storage in the locked cages, or following their removal from the cages prior to shipment to a retailer.