Mario Kart Comes to Real Life! Thanks to RFID Technology

real-life-Mario-Kart-game-rfid-blogMario Kart has always been one of the best Nintendo 64 games of all time. Austin-based Waterloo Labs have decided to outfit race karts with RFID tags so you can play Mario Kart in real life.

The race karts run on an RFID Wi-Fi system that helps each player communicate with new items picked up and their usage over the air. During the race course, players could pick up power-up boxes suspended over the track and receive a randomized item. The karts can read which item was picked up with RFID, and gives each kart a new ability to use any time the player desires.

When the players use their selected item, the race karts can recognize the actions of each power-up, such as accelerating the kart to 100 percent of its throttle power when a mushroom is used, spinning other karts and slowing their motors when they run into a banana, or temporarily induce brakes on all players at the use of a lightning bolt.

Besides, players can also physically launch attack items (such as green and red turtle shells) by stuffing the power-ups inside a cannon which is attached to their vehicles. Who knew Mario Kart would make such a complicated read-life game? All the details, including the source code, are discussed at the Waterloo website, meaning you can build your own if you want. It’s possible that in the near future we can see it in a nearby amusement park, thanks to RFID technology.