Disney Introduces MyMagic+ RFID Bracelets to Enhance Visitor Experience

Disney-MyMagic+-bracelet-enhance-visitor-experience-rfid-blogThe Walt Disney Company has announced the MyMagic+ program, an RFID-enabled system that lets visitors interact with (and pay for) nearly anything in the Disney village. The program will roll out this spring.

The system combines an interactive website and mobile app with an all-purpose electronic bracelet that acts as a guest’s room key, theme-park ticket and payment account. The bracelet, which is called MagicBands, will also track which rides visitors use, which characters they interact with, where they go and what they buy within the park.

The program will also transform Disney World into a more personalized, interactive experience, the company says. For instance, employees playing Disney characters will be able to greet children by name, using sensors that read information from their bracelets. The same holds true for the robotic characters, meaning a talking parrot or pirate could address your child by name.

Privacy, of course, is a big question, and it’s especially relevant where so many children are concerned. But RFID technology is hardly new to the travel industry. The company said in its announcement that MyMagic+ is meant simply to enhance the visitor experience in a whole host of ways, including allowing guests to bypass long lines by signing up for rides before they leave their hotels.