Zippo’s Stainless Steel Wallet Prevents RFID-using Criminals


As is known, RFID technology uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to take data from a tag on an object or a card, which may be used by thieves from yards away.

Therefore, concerns over the potential threats of RFID have grown as awareness about how many products contains RFID tags has increased. RFID tags can be found in medications, clothing, and other goods to track them throughout the manufacturing process.

Zippo-stainless-steel-wallet-prevent-criminal-rfid-blog2Zippo has a solution. Its wallet is encased in stainless steel and can prevent RFID-using criminals from swiping your credit card information, just like a small safe in your pocket or purse.

The new Zippo wallet’s stainless steel outer shell not only gives the wallet a sleek look, but also blocks RFID with its RF shield.

It features six slots for credit cards, an I.D. window and money pocket.

The wallet is priced at $49.95 and is available on