Windows Phone 8 Tips: Connect Bluetooth Devices via NFC

If you have ever connected your PC or phone to a Bluetooth device, you know that it requires multiple steps, which usually include typing a code in order to configure the pairing. But if you have an NFC-enabled speaker, such as the Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker, you can pair an NFC-enabled Windows Phone 8 handset much more easily.

To pair the two devices, just tap the phone to the speaker.


On the phone, you’ll see a prompt box asking you if you’d like to pair the devices and, if required, turn on Bluetooth.


And that’s the whole process. The phone will then quickly issue a happy connection-made sound and you can start playing music — the sound will come from the Bluetooth speaker.


In case you’re curious about the mechanics of this connection, here’s how it works: NFC is used here to initiate the connection, or pairing, while Bluetooth is still used, as before, for the actual connection.