Phone Lacking NFC Can Go With A SIM

Inside-Secure-NFC-SIM-rfid-blogInside Secure has demonstrated the NFC SIM technology a year ago, and now it has finally announced it. The SIM can potentially add ticketing and payments to practically any mobile, except for iPhone.

The technology uses an RF booster which utilizes handset power to push the NFC radio signal through the battery that normally sits atop the SIM, allowing even the cheapest mobile phone to make tap-and-pay.

SIM has become a commonly used item. When it comes to an NFC SIM, Inside Secure is racing against smartphone manufacturers who are already embedding NFC antennas — with the only notable exception being Apple. And Apple’s use of nano SIMs precludes even Inside’s diminutive technology.

Except for Apple, NFC is now a standard feature of most new smartphones. If tap-and-pay achieves any success then it will soon be standard on all phones soon after, leaving Inside Secure with a narrow window of opportunity. However, if it doesn’t take off, then the entire subject will be moot.