Family Wellness Center Uses RFID Tracking Technology to Protect Towels

YMCA-track-bath-towel-rfid-blogThe Maryland Farms YMCA has adopted RFID tracking technology to protect their full-sized bath towel inventory.

The family wellness center serves more than 2,500 people each day. And the YMCA finance committee had discovered that up to 5,000 towels were leaving the facility in a month and 100 a day. “Right now we can’t keep up stocking them up front that is how fast we are losing them,” said membership director Brett Peterson.

Although the towels were not intentionally taken, the loss still added up to an estimated $30,000 in expenses to replace the towels.

To solve the problem, they decided to deploy RFID technology.

Now, some thousands of towels are being equipped with RFID tags to curb towel loss. With RFID installed, when a towel nears an exit, a friendly reminder will sound a friendly alarm and the towel can be dropped off before the member leaves the building.

“Five years ago, it might not have been an affordable option, but now that it’s being used much more widely, the cost of the tags and readers has come down considerably,” said Greg Lemon, a volunteer on the YMCA finance committee.