NXP Demonstrates NFC Credit Card with Capacitive Touchscreen for Further Authentication

NXP-NFC-credit-card-capacitive-touchscreen-rfid-blogNXP has showed off an NFC-equipped smart card with a capacitive touchscreen for further authentication.

NXP’s work on NFC has yet to fully pay off despite the firm boasting 8 out of 10 smartphone vendors using its chips. One of the biggest fears the firm claims is not an issue, but the ability for payments to be made without the traditional layer of security which comes from a signature or a PIN being entered.

Arne Burghardt, a system engineer at NXP showed a working prototype NFC smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen, allowing the user to enter a pattern to authorize payments. The card doesn’t have a power source and its thickness is nearly identical to that of existing credit cards.

Burghardt said the technology will be useful to reassure those who have fears that NFC could result in unauthorized payments. He said that it will be about 2 years before cards will be in the hands of users, but credit card makers will not have to substantially alter their processes to accommodate the touchscreen.

He added that the touchscreen resolution isn’t quite enough for a full signature. The demonstration unit did not support multitouch, however, he said that capability can be added easily.