New RFID Handheld Used in Waste Recycling Management

Nephsystem-Technologies-N260-handheld-waste-recycling-management-rfid-blogNephsystem Technologies is offering its bundle of RFID system technology designed for use in rugged environments, such as waste management applications.

The RFID bundle consists of a rugged handheld PDA accompanied by a low frequency RFID transponder mounted to recycle bins. Bins are scanned and weighed right at the curb, and the system tallies credits for households that are above average for recycling.

The N260 series handheld RFID based system combines with other wireless, locating systems including GPS and Barcode scanner, plus its optional GPRS transmitter, to accurately identify a recycling bin by its household.

The same PDA can also be used in parallel as a board computer and supports the truck driver with the GPS function and built-in car navigation option.