Auckland NFC Transport Trial Enters Next Phase

Auckland-NFC-trial-rfid-blogTelecom, Westpac and Auckland Transport have announced the next phase of their NFC mobile wallet trial on Auckland’s public transport system.

An NFC-capable phone is used to pay for fares on a train platform. More than 30 trail participants in Auckland will use Samsung Galaxy S III phones to pay for journeys on trains and ferries.

However, there was no news about the availability on Auckland buses, which according to Auckland Transport have the highest public transport patronage in Auckland, with almost 55 million trips expected this year.

Telecom says in future the system will be available as an alternative point-of-sale payment method akin to EFTPOS, or contactless credit cards. In addition, the telco expects it to be used as a coupon and rewards system.

The trial is a collaboration between Auckland Transport, Westpac Bank, Telecom, Gemalto, Thales, and Paymark. According to the joint venture, its mobile wallet technology will be available towards the end of 2013.