Incentives — Key to NFC’s Further Development

Nowadays we can see NFC making its way into various mobile devices, transit systems and so on. However, skepticism, general lack of knowledge and incentive are there to hinder it from going any further.

Today’s smartphones are “smart” enough to almost replace our keys and wallet. For some tech fans, a day without a phone is like a day without sunshine. The intimate relationship between user and smartphone has laid the foundation for NFC adoption, yet the key to dig out the technology’s hidden potential may be providing proper incentives.

According to a Forrester Research report, retailers see NFC as a means to bolster brand loyalty and accelerate checkout process. However, current payment options are sufficient, thus making consumers adopt NFC increasingly depends on companies and devices which offer a broader experience that surpass those traditional payments.

Worldwide NFC-enabled mobile shipments will more than double this year to nearly 100 million, while mainstream use of this technology is still 3-5 years out for many countries, presumed Forrester Research.

As we know, NFC can offer a lot more to its users than just a means of payment. For instance, users can use mobile devices to check product availability, compare prices or pay mobile service bills directly from their phones. If so, there may be a place for NFC in the mainstream.

Although for the time being NFC deployments are somewhat sparse, small businesses are reveling in the technology’s benefits. NFC offers smaller vendors the opportunity to accept card payments for a smaller cost as well as at greater convenience.