MasterCard Announced NFC PayPass for Ultrabooks

MasterCard-NFC-PayPass-Ultrabooks-rfid-blogYou may have heard about MasterCard’s PayPass, which allows you to pay by tapping your credit card against a sensor at particular retail locations. Now, the company has taken the same experience to Ultrabooks, letting you to tap your credit card against an NFC sensor below your computer keyboard, to send all your payment information to your favorite online vendor.

With the NFC PayPass on the Ultrabooks, users can log into participating etailers’ site, simply put a product in the shopping cart, select PayPass as the payment method and Tap&Pay as the login method, and swipe the card against the notebook deck. Then the website will automatically enter all of the cardholder’s information, including name and billing/shipping address. Now, you can buy something with one swipe and a few clicks, no need for filling out a quantity of online forms.

Although Intel expects future Ultrabooks to come with NFC, currently the soon-to-be-released Toshiba Satellite U925t is the only Ultrabooks with NFC embedded and supports Tap&Pay.

In another upcoming PayPass Wallet Services, when you visit a participating etailer’s site and choose PayPass as your payment method, you’ll be able to verify your identity either with a password or by NFC swiping.

Perhaps the best thing about PayPass Wallet Service is not the convenience, but the security. It is said that the vendor just gets a verification from MasterCard instead of getting your actual credit card number. Thus, if you use PayPass to buy something and the vendor’s computer systems are later hacked, the hackers won’t find your credit card number.