First Bout between Passbook and NFC

Apple-iPhone5-Passbook-iOS6-NFC-rfid-blogWhen Apple announced iPhone 5 without NFC, some people were upset. Yet if you look around the iPhone 5, you may find another NFC alternative — Passbook. The company has released the first related apps for Passbook. Now iPhone users can get their first taste of what the new feature can do.

Passbook is a new application that operates on iOS 6. It can store and take the place of gift cards, loyalty cards and boarding passes, etc.

Here is the full list of Passbook compatible apps (of Sept. 19):

•Fandango Movie – Times & Tickets

•Live Nation


• At Bat

•Sephora to Go



However, the list is relatively shorter than the number of company apps Apple showed off at the publication of Passbook.

We should expect to see Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Starbucks, Target, Amtrak, W Hotels and Apple’s own retail store all join the list, if Apple succeeds in those demos.

Passbook vs. NFC

If you know what NFC can do, you may find it very similar to Passbook.

With the proper apps, NFC is able to do most of what Passbook can do. The difference is that NFC relies on devices to communicate with each other while Passbook uses the display to allow vendors to scan data.

Many had expected NFC to be on the new smartphone, so Apple has been blasted for the omission since the announcement.

Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller defended the decision by saying that he doubted if NFC could really solve any current problems and Passbook can service the needs of today’s customers.

Whether or not Passbook can truly outshine NFC is only something time, the marketplace and Apple’s App Store will tell.