“Smart Socks” Embedded with RFID Chips

BlackSocks-smart-socks-RFID-blogCould you imagine RFID chips in your socks? Well, BlackSocks.com has made it a reality, together with a scanner and an iPhone app, so that you can know everything about… your socks.

With these RFID chips in the socks, now you can know the whole life story of your socks: how often they’ve been washed, what the “sock ID” is, which sock it should be partnered with, whether it is a left sock or a right sock, whether it is paired or single, when it was made, and when you ordered it.

If one of a pair of socks is worn-out, you can even use the pairing functionality to mate a new partner for it.

A 10-pack and the scanner for these socks are priced at $189, which can be ordered online. The app, used to determine the blackness of your black socks, can be downloaded free from Apple’s app store. Yet there is no Android version at the moment.

Many might doubt the practical applicability of these “smart socks”. Here’s what BlackSocks says: because it would be a disaster if one of your socks paired up with the wrong partner.