MasterCard Unveiled PayPass User Interface SDK

MasterCard-PayPass-User-Interface-SDK-rfid-blogMasterCard has been in the cashless payment game for quite a while, and now it’s hoping to get more developers on the PayPass. The company has unveiled a new user interface SDK for Android and BlackBerry developers.

The Mobile MasterCard PayPass User Interface Software Development Kit provides a standardized user interface, allowing programmers to deploy the firm’s NFC payment system, which is compatible with over 70 handsets, into their own Android or BlackBerry OS 7 apps. Once apps are created with the SDK, they’ll have to go through MasterCard’s approval process before they go live.

Targeted towards issuers, mobile network operators and third party developers, the UI SDK is supposed to simplify and speed up the delivery process of mobile payment apps to consumers without having to become experts in this field.

MasterCard also has an Open API program for developers to tap into the credit card company’s various services, such as MoneySend and PayPass.

The global credit card business asserts that one of the motivations behind producing this SDK is “to increase the simplicity of the mobile payments ecosystem without sacrificing safety.”